December 1983

"Away in a manger, no crib for a bed . . ."

Dear Friends and Relatives,

As I again carefully unwrapped our little stable and the wondrous characters of the first Christmas setting each one in its place, I thought of that tiny baby. He didn't stay in that manger. He grew up, moved away . . . As I think of loved ones gathered during this season, I have come to realize how temporary these earthly gatherings are and all that transfers to our heavenly home are the relationships we build in Jesus . . . We've really been uplifted by the words and melodies of Christmas carols this year. The familiar traditions lend themselves to reflections of the past and looking ahead to the future, setting priorities.

It's been a good year for us. Craig has a different position at Amoco serving now as the operations engineer of a united called Ultracracker. He has enjoyed the challenge and adjusted well to the longer hours the new job has meant. I continue to teach Kindergarten, 2 – 3 hour sessions per day with 21 students in each session. Aaron rides with me each day and goes to Sunbeam Day Care, which is a Christian child care facility. He's learning many songs, and at 3 years old is over 3' tall. Rachel's getting permanent teeth all over and loves P. E. class – especially jumping rope and hula hooping. She recently got a new bedroom set (Danish white furniture) and Aaron moved out of the crib into her former bed – a big adjustment.

Craig's folks and nephew Nathan are here. He took them to Mexico City for a vacation. This semester, the kids and I spent a month in Iowa and returned home to Texas' hurricane season. Alicia's another adventure! Craig took videotapes, so we'll show them when you come to see us!

We are thinking of all of you and praying God meets your needs out of his riches!


JC, Sharon, Rachel and Aaron

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