Our Family Christmas Letter For 1992!


Happy Easter 1993! Greetings from the Texas Aldrich family! Is there anything bigger than the love of Jesus for us? He said He would be with us always, even to the close of this age. In Christ, we are awesomely loved, we are totally forgiven, and we are never alone! The tomb is empty--our hearts are full!

You are often in our thoughts and prayers. We love hearing from you and are so thankful for your faithful friendship through the years.

JON has completed his work as Marine Superintendent for Amoco's Texas City refinery. Last year he especially enjoyed being a part of the ongoing construction of new dock facilities. As of January 31, he became the Superintendent of the Laboratory. The Lab offers him a fresh set of challenges. He also maintains Keepsake Video, now in its twelfth year and is helping start a related company, VTI, that is targeted toward video for businesses.

SHARON continues teaching kindergarten in Texas City. Northside Elementary is being totally renovated, so the kids are fascinated by the cranes, bulldozers, and cement trucks right outside the window every day. We're getting computers with "Writing to Read," a phonetic way for young children to read and write. She enjoys choir at Grace Community Church, having six performances of the 10th annual Singing Christmas Tree in December and an Easter pageant on Good Friday.

Sharon's 4 year old niece, Vanna had some corrective hip surgery in January. Also, her mom (Irene) slipped on the ice in the driveway and dislocated her shoulder. Both are doing fine. Please keep them in your prayers.

RACHEL, as a junior, continues to investigate possibilities for career and college choices. Now that she has her license, she's been driving herself the 20 miles to Faith Christian Academy in Pasadena. She purchased her first car, a red 1991 Nissan Stanza. She keeps busy with church activities, flute, hand bells, Spanish, chemistry, algebra, etc. In the fall, she and her dad were involved with 'pro-life' activities. It is important to her to expose the truths about abortion (now killing about 4400 per day is the U.S.) which are not reported on through the news media. Over the New Year's weekend, she attended a four day prayer conference at a hotel near the Astrodome. April 3, she took first place in flute solo and ensemble for a state instrumental music contest.

AARON, now eleven, attends a brand new junior high school about a mile from home. Sixth grade at Creekside Intermediate has been challenging for him to adjust to, with lockers, dressing out for PE, riding the bus, getting phone calls from GIRLS. Uff-da! He enjoyed basketball season during Jan. and Feb. He finally got a basketball goal for the driveway this year. His best friend and next-door neighbor, Jordan Lerbs, whom he has grown up with, moved about five miles from here. We miss these wonderful neighbors from Minnesota.

PHILIP, at three, has been trying to decide if potty training is a life style he'd like to adopt or not. I think we are coming down the home stretch, finally. He talks a lot, sings many songs from preschool, and basically thinks life is to enjoy. The daycare where he attended since 1990 closed in November, but reopened at a different location (adjoining my school property) in March. Meanwhile, his toddler room teacher kept him and several others at her house until Sonshine opened.

Our annual trip home to Iowa included a wonderful driving vacation with Jon's brother and sisters. We took three cars and ten people through Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Jon's brother (Donald) coordinated the whole fabulous adventure. Although we missed our twenty-year high school class reunion, we had a great family reunion instead. Also, while we were home, Rachel was baptized in the creek at Center Baptist in Iowa, the same church where her dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather had been baptized. It was a special service, thanks to cousin Nathan and Uncle Don. It has been fascinating to watch God at work in Rachel.

Speaking of Rachel, I was in the check-out line at the grocery store when a nice looking young man said, "Excuse me, but could you tell me if you have a daughter named Rachel?... I knew it... You look so much alike. I just knew it!" What if people came up to Christians and said, "I knew it. You look so much like Jesus!" ....family resemblance.....

Pray for our country and its leaders. We don't see a lot of resemblance to the principles of the founding fathers, but we pray God will work His plan for our country and its people.


Love always from Jon, Sharon, Rachel, Aaron, Philip, and Oreo, the cat.